As the most-populated county in PA, Philadelphia is also the home to some of the most dangerous types of car crashes. Property damage, injuries, and fatalities account for billions of dollars in damages every year, and that’s despite the fact that Philadelphia doesn’t even have the most car accidents in the state. Although the city doesn’t have the highest number of reported crashes in Pennsylvania, it does have the most accident-related fatalities, many of which occur at intersections across the city. 

Philadelphia Intersections with the Most Crashes

While roadways like I-76 are notoriously bad for traffic, certain intersections cause more serious accidents than the busy interstate. For example, Roosevelt Blvd has two intersections that rank high in crashes. Roosevelt and Grant reports a high number of collisions with Roosevelt and Red Lion Rd coming in just behind. Another dangerous Philadelphia intersection is located at Grays Ave and S. 48th St, with some of the highest numbers of reported accidents in the entire city. Other intersections along Broad Street and Bustleton Avenue are busy, resulting in a high number of accidents. 

5 Tips for Driving Safely in Cities like Philadelphia

Slow Down!

Speeding isn’t just a leading cause of car crashes in Philadelphia; it’s also high on the list of common causes of car accidents across the country. Traveling above the speed limit lowers your reaction time and increases the length of roadway it takes a vehicle to come to a stop. Even driving 5 miles over the speed limit increases your risk of being involved in an accident – not to mention, it’s against the law to do so. Although many Philadelphia drivers are in a rush, it’s important to lower your speed and drive with caution.

Watch for Pedestrians and Cyclists

Philadelphia was named the Most Walkable City in the U.S. by USA Today. That means that you should be aware of all pedestrians or cyclists approaching a crosswalk. Be mindful when driving in the city that not all pedestrians cross the street safely, so watch out for anyone who might pop out from behind a parked vehicle. 

Be Extra Cautious at Stop Signs

We mentioned that Philadelphia drivers are in a rush, and stop signs are no exception. Rolling stops are common; that is, hitting the brakes without ever coming to a complete stop. It’s one of the reasons that accidents are so common at Philadelphia intersections, so take an extra few seconds to come to a stop and check twice before proceeding. 

Follow at a Distance

You may be paying close attention to what’s going around you, but that doesn’t mean that the driver in front of you is. It’s especially important to leave a safe following distance when driving in Philadelphia. The Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles recommends a 4-second following distance, which gives adequate time to react to sudden stops ahead. 

Put Down Your Phone

This doesn’t apply only to driving in Philadelphia: put down your phone! It’s no secret that distracted driving is becoming a worse problem every year. Utilize your vehicle’s connectivity system and wait to answer texts or emails. 

What to Do if You’re Injured in a Philadelphia Car Accident

Over half of all accidents reported in Pennsylvania in 2022 involved injuries or fatalities. If you or a loved one suffered injuries due to a car accident in the Philadelphia area, a lawyer may be able to help. Contact the Jason Javie Law Office to go over the details of your case with a skilled Philadelphia car accident lawyer.