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Philadelphia is one of the first cities established in the United States, and it’s also Pennsylvania’s most-populated city. The population density, tourist attractions, and more all contribute to the likelihood of being involved in a car accident in Philadelphia. For the millions in the Philadelphia area who have already experienced a car accident, there are countless questions about what to do after. One of the most-asked questions is: how do I deal with insurance after my car accident?

Think Before You Speak

You may be eager to give a statement to an insurance company immediately following your car accident, but be weary of providing official statements without consulting an attorney first. What you may feel is a straightforward and objective statement can be used against you to place fault and lower your compensation. Instead, you can talk to a skilled car accident lawyer who can help you craft a statement or avoid making one altogether. 

Document Everything

Getting compensated for economic damages is often easier when you have the evidence to back up your claim. For example, let’s say that you broke your arm and shoulder in a car accident. You’ll need to provide as much medical evidence as possible such as emergency room bills, receipts for doctor’s visits, and any documentation of ongoing medical treatment like rehabilitation, physical therapy, or surgeries that come with broken bones. Additionally, keep track of all other expenses like car rentals or auto repairs. Other evidence, such as pictures you took of the scene and a police report, will come in handy to help you strengthen your claim. 

Don’t Admit Fault

Because Pennsylvania utilizes modified comparative negligence when assigning fault in car accidents, it’s important that you don’t make any statements that admit fault on your part. That means that, as long as you are determined to be less than 50% at fault, you can seek compensation. Insurance companies can use your statements to assign you more fault than you deserve, which reduces or eliminates any compensation you’re entitled to. You might consider consulting with a car accident attorney specializing in Pennsylvania law before giving a statement to an insurance company. 

Don’t Accept a Low Settlement Offer

Car insurance is a business, and like all other businesses, insurance companies are out to make money. One way they do that is by offering lowball settlements to those who may not know that they’re entitled to more compensation. Often, the aftermath of a car accident involves serious injuries, missed work, and other major stressors. Insurance companies take advantage of the fact that many people just want the entire process to be over, leaving them without enough compensation to cover all of their damages. Instead of accepting the first offer, contact your lawyer to go over the settlement to make sure it’s fair to you. 

Talk to a Car Accident Attorney

Before you make a common mistake when dealing with insurance companies, contact a qualified Philadelphia car accident attorney who can help you through the process. The Jason Javie Law Office has extensive experience dealing with all types of insurance companies following our clients’ car accidents. We understand the law and can help you fight for your rights to receive compensation after your accident. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your case and learn more about how we can help.